From: bonnie or jim rock
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Wayne Niederhauser, blee, gregoryhughes, Don Ipson,
Subject: Efficiency and equity
Date: Fri Feb 21 19:08:09 MST 2014

Both of us wish to have Medicaid expanded to cover everyone in our state who needs it.  The Federal Government exists to help us with matters having to do with the country's "infrastructure".  Having a healthy population strengthens the nation as well as a healthy interstate system does. We do not compare well with the Scandinavian countries we recently visited in regard to health care or road care. 

While we feel the Federal Government should deal with matters having to do with equity; in terms of business, industry, purchases, and sales, we are both strong advocates for the efficiency of the free market system 

Matters calling for equity are different. Thus, the idea of using Utah's tax money rather than accepting  Federal tax dollars for Medicaid is foolhardy. Our schools are in trouble; money is needed  so that our children have an education equal to that received by the children of other countries. Other pressing matters will also suffer if we do not accept the dollars offered for equitable health care.  We appreciate Governor Herbert's stand and we ask that all of you in positions of power consider this carefully.

 These are our priorities. We are willing to pay higher taxes and vote for you to see our priorities realized.  What are your priorities in regard to these matters?

 Thank you for serving and for taking the time to consider our communication.


 Dr. James Rock and Mrs. Bonnie Rock