From: Dave Ludlow
To: Brian King, Curtis Oda, Dean Sanpei, Eric Hutchings, John G. Mathis, Ken Ivory, Larry Wiley, Lee Perry, Paul Ray, Val Peterson,
Subject: HB 37
Date: Fri Feb 21 05:35:32 MST 2014
Dear Chairman Sanpei,

We are the Utah Alliance to Protect Property Rights. We are a non-profit organization serving Utah Landowners. 

Four years ago, our group of landowners were a major presence on capitol hill in support of HB 141 and opposed to HB 80. You listened to us and, based upon constitutional principles, HB 141 passed by a large majority while HB 80 was defeated by the large majority. Thank you!

We have been told that the fishermen group has been sending an enormous amount of emails to you applying significant pressure to push HB 37 through the channels. As of this time, we have not asked our landowners to either email their legislators or to interrupt you during this session as we had hoped to let things take their natural course.

We receive many emails daily reporting the untruths and the unprofessional manner in which the fishermen are attempting to gain support. Attached is one that we received today. You will notice three names on this photo, all of which are heavily involved with the Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC).

Thank you for your efforts in serving Utah. We truly appreciate you.

Very Best,

UAPPR Board of Directors

Photo at the Capitol.png