From: M. Reid Russell
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: “Please do not pass HB 131 out of committee”,,
Date: Fri Feb 21 04:36:13 MST 2014
Dear Representative Sanpei, I am opposed to HB 131. Wireless I-pads are not safe because they emit microwave radiation. The World Heath Organization says that Wifi is a possible class 2 carcinigen and should have limited use like cell phones where as the recommendation from WHO is less than six minutes a day for adults. Placing many of these mobile devices in a class room and subjecting the students and teachers to this type of non ionizing radiation should not be supported by our education system. Students can learn the skills needed for computer tech on wired devices that do not emit microwave radiation. Some countries have banned Wifi in schools. 45,000 teachers in L.A. petitioned to have WiFi removed from schools. I think we should follow the precautionary principle with technology as history has proven many times that we should have. Rosemarie Russell, Hurricane Utah