From: The Lunds
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB0228
Date: Thu Feb 20 22:03:40 MST 2014
Dear Rep. Sanpei, I am writing you as a member of the Education Committee to ask for your support for HB0228 regarding state board of eduction elections. The board is supposed to represent the people of Utah. The current system prevents the board from being representative. Instead it assures that members are friendly to interests of the state office and the education industry. Let them instead be vetted by the grass roots through the party system, so that they really represent the people. As an educator who has dealt with the board, I have found them as a group to be beholden to the state office of education rather than the other way around. HB0228 will change that. Thank you for your service, Randall Lund Lindon