From: Betty Roberts
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 131
Date: Thu Feb 20 20:46:34 MST 2014
I am writing you to urge you to oppose HB 131 and to not allow it to pass out of Committee. I am a retired teacher but still care about the education of children AND adults. I do not believe that this is a smart idea as it opens a "Pandora's Box" of possibilities for unscrupulous people to put their noses into the business of other people which is NOT their business. Plus, where does the proposed fortune it would cost to implement it come from???

When I was growing up the talk of "Big Brother" and his ever watching eye was a haunting, surreal idea. I, for one, do NOT want anyone to have access to MY personal activities or information WITHOUT my express knowledge and permission. It's called personal information for a reason!!

This proposed bill evokes the same feelings I had as a young girl of being violated and left exposed to an unknown, unseen evil eye watching every move and word. This is not freedom. This is not privacy. This is not American. Big Brother was supposedly the tyrannical government of (what was then called) Russia. Big Brother belongs nowhere - not in Russia, not in America, and certainly not in the innocent lives of trusting children. Their parents must be recognized as their guardians - NOT government nor any of government's Committees at any level of government!