From: Trudy Thurgood
To: Dean Sanpei,
Date: Thu Feb 20 20:20:29 MST 2014
Dear Representative Sanpei,
The next day or two you will be voting on HB 207 which exempts Reflexology and Foot Zoning from the Massage Law. 
This bill just passed the House Business and Labor Committee  13 - 0 !  Even the AMTA Representative spoke in favor of the bill during the public comment period! (American Massage Therapy Association)
HB0207 is currently number 71 on the 3 rd Reading list and should be heard before the House of Representatives within the next few days.  

At present Reflexologists and Foot Zone Therapist are required under Utah Law (a 1953 law!) to get a Massage Therapy Licenseā€¦  Our Industries are as different as plumbers and electricians!  This law needs to be updated!  

Will you please help us by voting for this bill?

Thank you!

Trudy Thurgood