From: Tawni Branton
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 131
Date: Thu Feb 20 17:03:26 MST 2014

Dear Rep. Sanpei


I am writing to beg you not to let this bill out of committee.

1. requires by law specific data the SLDS will store (148-165)
2. requires that one-to-one mobile devices be used in the classroom (twice)
3. Legally reinforces Utah's core curriculum use (89)
4. Reinforces CAT testing laws (90-91)
5. Expands the "statewide network" (SLDS) (125)
6. Gives 3rd party contractor access to data including: discipline incidents, parental involvement, community involvement, etc... (148-164)
7. Forces the board to choose a technology provider to provide(183) 

  • Utah Core aligned digital instructional materials (193)
  • digital devices (197)
  • Digital content
  • software
  • support service 
  • Technical support   
  • This one is particularly dangerous because it requires ONE company to provide all these things which very much limits our choices. Normally all these things would be provided by different companies competing to make the best of each item. I've no doubt our "choice" was picked when this was written.

8.. $200,000,000 and we know it is not enough. (304)

This bill just encourages the current waste of money that the school boards seem to think they need to compete in who can spend the most. It will cost $750 million in the first year and $300 million every year thereafter.

My biggest concern, not that the whole bill isn’t of great concern, is #6. What I or my children do in the home, in the school or in the community is of no ones concern but mine and my children’s. My child’s personally identifiable information is none of the school’s business. AbsolutelyNO third party should be able to access this kind of information.

Common Core is Common Core no matter what you call it. Utah’s core curriculum is just another name for Common Core. If we want to modernize education we need to go back to teaching the facts and not put such an extreme political bias on everything.

Thank you,

Tawni Branton