From: Kevin Quinn
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Common Core
Date: Thu Feb 20 16:20:24 MST 2014
Dear House Education Committee Member,

I am a concernend parent who is against the Common Core system that the Federal government is trying to slip into our countries state education systems.  As we continue to have the federal government encrotch upon our freedoms, the state level is the only defense we have against a complete loss of our constitutional rights.  Common Core is no less than an attempt for the Federal Government to complete the take over of our children's education and for it to become a empty destructive program that dumb downs and propagandizes our children toward a nanny state government.  

Our children will lose their creativity and freedoms that allow them to continue our great countries experiment of men governing themselves.  Instead, one more nail in Americas coffin will be firmly placed to insure that the Constitution is lost as well as our ability to be free people.

If you have enjoyed in your life the ability to be free, to choose youre path in life, then please do not take away our future children's ability to be free thinking creative members of our country!  We need our children to be independent, creative and free thinking individuals exploring all the possibilities that this great country has provided for me and you.  The word Common, in Common Core, says it all!  I don't want our children to just all be the same common person, controlled by the proganda of the federl government.  I want America to grow and succeed, lead by the creative thinkers of the future who were created through a not common, indivualized education system provided by the great stat of Utah!

Please do not allow the Common Core standard to be emplimented!!!  It is not worth the money the federal government has promissed.  This little bit of money will come with permanant obligations that allows theFederal Government the ability to dictate the entire educational system for Utah!

Kevin Quinn (Concerned Parent)