From: Hillary Moore
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Common Core
Date: Thu Feb 20 04:26:39 MST 2014
I am a mother of three living in Orem Utah and I ask that you stand on the side of the constitution of the USA. I ask that you fight against common core, which is in direct assault to parents freedom over their kids education and against the freedom that every state has to locally make decisions that it's people believe is best for the education of their own children. There are many things that can be done. Please listen, as I know I speak what every other parent I've spoken with would want to ask you for as our elected leaders. I ask that you vote YES HB 228 to fix the election process of the state board and YES on HB 342 so that Utah maintains education freedom by truly having control, not pseudo control over standards. We must protect student privacy. We CAN'T put in laws that shift accountability away from parents to testing companies or state bureaucrats, which enforce the system instead of allowing freedom. We need to allow parents to opt out of high-stakes tests without any punishment going to the teacher or school. We ask for a bill that demands an independent cost analysis ne done to see exactly how much money were spending to implement all four of the presidents reform pillars. Common Core is a package. The same reformers are in every grant and in the waiver. I would like to know where you stand on these points. I would like to know whether you are a defender of personal freedom and liberty or not. There is no grey area here. I want to know what to tell others about you and what choices you are making that effect my kids and their future. I want truth and I know many our elected officials are not giving it. Right now you are our hope and we pray that you will make honorable and truthful decisions as you consider what is most important to every parent in America, let alone Utah. My vote will not be yours along with as many others as I can possibly connect with if you choose to put your personal interests above that of the innocent and voiceless. I am infuriated at what has been allowed to happen in our schools and I will do everything I can to stop those who are aiding a wicked cause. Please fight for our freedom and that of our children. Our families and our freedom are what really matter in this world. Hillary Puertas Steve Puertas