From: Scott Facer
To: Dean Sanpei, Ken Ivory, Eric Hutchings, Brian King, John G. Mathis, Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Val Peterson, Paul Ray, Larry Wiley,
Subject: HB 37
Date: Wed Feb 19 19:16:56 MST 2014

To Whom it may concern-

I am writing in regards to a project I am doing for my school class, but also for personal reasons. I am a member of the Utah Stream Access Coalition, and I wish to urge you to  get HB 37 out of the bottom of the stack of Bills, and get it passed before its too late. We outdoorsman appreciate our rights as written in regards to water and streams in the state of Utah, and we do not wish to see them taken away. Please respond to let me know what more I can do to help this bill get looked at, and what you are going to do in response to my request.


Scott Facer


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