From: Brande Juber
Subject: I'm a constituent - please vote Yes on HB 342
Date: Wed Feb 19 15:08:01 MST 2014
Please allow Utah to take local control of our education.  It is very important to me to keep education close to us and not in "big brother's" hands.  

Please do not put in laws that shift accountability away from parents to testing companies or state bureaucrats, school grading etc., which forces the system instead of allowing freedom.

Let parents opt out of the high-stakes testing without any punishment going to the teacher or school.  Right now schools risk failing if more than 5% opt out.  

Please write a bill that demands an independent cost analysis be done to see exactly how much money we're spending to implement all 4 of the president's reform pillars.  Common Core is a package deal.  The same reforms are in every grant and in the waiver.

Thank you!
Brande Juber