From: Dan Eerkes
To: Dean Sanpei, Ken Ivory, Eric Hutchings, Brian King, John G. Mathis, Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Val Peterson, Paul Ray, Larry Wiley,
Subject: HB37
Date: Tue Feb 18 16:18:28 MST 2014
Dear House Rules Committee Member,

I am writing to implore you to allow HB37 to keep moving along to the floor and out of Rules.

I realize this is an interesting issue involving private property rights versus public use and enjoyment.  I personally support private property rights as I've worked as a licensed Utah Realtor for over 9-years.  I equate individuals who own property along a publicly managed waterway to folks who own property along a golf course. Part of the equation is that there will be more traffic.  In the case of the public waterway however, much of the traffic the landowner may see have dedicated their own funds via state tax dollars or licensing fees to help maintain that waterway and the assets within the waterway.  At that point, why shouldn't each individual who is vested into maintaining that waterway not have the right to lien the ground that waterway flows over...mechanic's lien law is similar.  There is a glaring and disproportionate amount of public funds going to support resources that are being locked up by just a few private individuals upon their real property. I see no equality of distribution of state resources with the current system. I have a myriad of other biases on this issue, but I truly believe that this is at the core of why a compromise needs to be implemented. Thanks again for looking hard at this.

Dan Eerkes
Bluffdale, UT

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