To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 37 :
Date: Tue Feb 18 15:37:50 MST 2014
Dear Representative Sanpei,
One week ago, I along with 400+ individuals came to the state capitol to pay a visit to the house of representative to demonstrate just how committed we all are to correcting the current law with regard to public waters over private streambeds. We are proud Utah voters and as a collective group represent of anglers, hunters, kayakers, and bird watching enthusiast and we all urge you, our elected representatives, to considerer and support a bill (HB 37) for compromise.  Since the first day of this 2014 legislative session HB 37 has been a topic for the rules committee to consider. Up through this point HB 37 it is still not had a chance to move beyond rules committee.   It has been brought up on occasion in rules committee meetings but I think it is high time that it be given the chance to be voted on. I respectfully ask that you please consider the compromise that HB 37 brings and allow it to be given the legislative process. There is broken system when it comes to rights of public's recreational use to their own public waters and yet we all are denied to ability to access them.  HB 37 fixes that.
Here is the bill : .  It is a simple solution crafted to work much the same way Idaho law has successfully bridged the common stakes for 37+ years of both the rights to public to waterways and the rights of the private landowner too.  Do your part today and recognize this solution and pass HB 37 out of rules committee. Thank you for your time.  
Jarrod Kear