From: Janelle J Jarvis
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: clean air
Date: Sat Feb 15 15:08:10 MST 2014

Representative Sanpei ,

I am grateful that so many clean air bills are coming before the Legislature this year, because clean air and its health benefits to my own family and to the population in general are essential.

Please eliminate the restriction that Utah environmental restrictions cannot exceed federal ones. We have more serious air problems than anywhere else in the country and thereforeneed stricter regulations.

Please require the use of Tier 3 gasoline NOW. 2017 is too late.

Please supportgiving the Department of Air Quality more budget and authority so it can carry out its function of enforcement and public education.

Thank you for your concern for public health and your support for clean air legislation.

Janelle Jarvis

Provo, UT