From: Kristin Urry
To: Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, greg hughes, Don Ipson, Melvin Brown, Brad Wilson, Dean Sanpei,
Subject: House bills
Date: Wed Feb 12 19:25:59 MST 2014
Dear legislators, Please support clean air bills Hb0038501, Hb0074, and HB0041 and vote against SB0139. We desperately need cleaner air in this valley. I have suffered with respiratory ailments from January through March for the last 5 years or so, such that when I retire next year, I will be moving from Salt Lake, a city I have loved and lived in for 25 years. This I do not want to do but my health gets worse every year and I want to feel healthy. I also see many children in my work as a social worker who have chronic asthma and adults who have asthma for the first time in their lives. this is not acceptable for our city or state. Please support these bills that will help clean up the air and oppose a bill which would penalize people for trying to impact the air quality on their own. Sincerely, Kristin K Urry Sent from my iPad