From: Tres Wangsgaard
To: Dean Sanpei, Ken Ivory, Eric Hutchings, Brian King, John G. Mathis, Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Val Peterson, Paul Ray, Larry Wiley, Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson,
Subject: HB 37 Compromise we can all live with.
Date: Thu Feb 13 16:16:38 MST 2014

HB 37 has worked well in Idaho for almost 40 years, no property values have plummeted due to stream access, no farms or ranches have imploded due to Idaho’s recreational easement.

Private Property owners with rivers and streams get state money for flood mitigation and fish stocking, why do they need to be paid additional money for access to public property?

Stop the entitlements already with these people. 

The argument that they pay taxes on the property underneath the stream so they should have a say or be compensated?!…we all pay taxes on the land underneath our roads, sidewalks, telephone poles, utility boxes, etc… Why should streams be any different?! Why do they get government handouts?