From: Jacki Wilson
To: Jacki Wilson,
Subject: Fwd: HJR8
Date: Mon Mar 10 05:35:52 MDT 2014
The passage of this bill, that requires Congress to call a Constitutional convention, could have extreme consequences, even to the destroying of the Constitution.  Many of us are very worried about the state of our nation.  We want to turn things back to better, more free days.  But the action this bill proposes is akin to walking into a mine field in the opinion of many knowledgeable people.

Promoters of this bill are asking those who are the problem to resolve the problem (national debt) they themselves already refuse to resolve.  Many have had part in creating or perpetuating the problem.  The true solution is for We, the People to learn what our powers are under the Constitution and proceed to exercise our sovereign (the highest) powers.  I urge you to join with friends and neighbors and begin a serious study of our Constitution.  You cannot begin too early to do this.  

Allow me to recommend this free download:
I have the book and have taken the class from the author.  It is excellent.  Follow this with a more indebt study of the Constitution, of which there are several.
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From: Margaret Townsend <>
Date: Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 8:04 PM
Subject: Fwd: HJR8
To: Margaret Townsend <>

We thought this resolution was dead. it is not dead! it will be back on the house floor tomorrow morning. Please make phone calls Monday as early as possible. This resolution could very easily be the cause of destruction of the United States Constitution. Do your part, call 801 538-1029 leave a message for your representative. Ask him to please vote no! Please forward this. Thanks and don't forget the prayers.

Jacki Wilson