From: Molly Olson
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB112
Date: Sat Mar 08 06:23:45 MST 2014

Dear Representative,

I wrote you all nearly a year ago concerning e-cigarettes, and how I was finally able to kick the smoking habit. It has now been nearly a year and my husband and I are still smoke free, after nearly 20 years of smoking. As well as my aunt that smoked for 40+ years. Thanks to e-cigarettes. Please do not allow over regulation to make these amazing device's harder or more expensive for all of us that have benefited from them. I can take deep breaths again, and run without losing my breath. These simple things tell me that though they may not be 100% safe/healthy, they are far better than the alternative. Thank you for your time.

Molly Olson
Spanish Fork, UT Resident