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Subject: From: Ginger Stevens & Family, Wellsville, UT 84339 - Please vote in f avor of 2SB109 - Radon Awareness Campaign. Your affirmative vote will protect the health of your constituents.
Date: Fri Mar 07 16:16:50 MST 2014
Dear Representative: Many homes in our neighborhood of Wellsville have extremely high levels of radon gas - yet few of our neighbors know anything about radon - that it causes lung cancer - and that this type of lung cancer is highly preventable. For $7 we tested our home for radon - and for about $1,500 we eliminated this danger. Now our grandchildren can more safely play in our home. All Utahns should test their homes for radon - and protect their families from dangerous radon levels/radon-induced lung cancer. Please support 2SB109 - Radon Awareness Campaign. So doing will improve your constituents knowledge about radon - so they can protect their families from dangerous levels of radon gas. * Radon gas is a Class-A carcinogen. * Annually, more than 22,000 Americans die of radon-induced lung cancer. * More than 30,000 radon tests conducted during the past 15 years indicate that at least 1 in 3 homes in Utah have high levels of radon. * There is a high and increasing rate of radon-induced lung cancer in Utah. * Surveys indicate that fewer than 20% of Utahns are aware of radon or that radon can be tested for and remediated. * Your support of 2SB109 will allow for the development and launch of a radon education and awareness campaign targeting all Utahns - that will inform them about radon and ultimately protect them from exposure to radon gas. Thank you for your service in the Utah Legislature. Sincerely, Ginger Stevens & Family Wellsville, UT 84339