From: Stan Rasmussen
To: Wayne Niederhauser, Ralph Okerlund, Stuart Adams, Peter Knudson, Lyle Hillyard, Jerry Stevenson, John Valentine, Allen Christensen, Brian Shiozawa, Ric Cantrell, Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Dee, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson, Melvin Brown, Brad Wilson, Dean Sanpei, Jim Dunnigan, Joe Pyrah,
Subject: Arkansas’ Private Option is putting state taxpayers on the hook for millions in cost overruns
Date: Thu Mar 06 22:52:38 MST 2014

Sen. Wayne Niederhauser

Sen. Ralph Okerlund

Sen. Stuart Adams

Sen. Peter Knudson

Sen. Lyle Hillyard

Sen. Jerry Stevenson

Sen. John Valentine

Sen. Allen Christensen

Sen. Brian Shiozawa

Rep. Rebecca Lockhart

Rep. Brad Dee

Rep. Greg Hughes

Rep. Don Ipson

Rep. Mel Brown

Rep. Brad Wilson

Rep. Dean Sanpei

Rep. Jim Dunnigan


Dear legislators,


We appreciated very much the opportunity to meet with most of you last week to discuss Medicaid expansion, accompanied by colleagues from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) and The Heritage Foundation. Yesterday, we received FGA’s March 4 report, Arkansas’ Private Option Medicaid expansion is putting state taxpayers on the hook for millions in cost overruns. Based on the Arkansas experience, it seems reasonable to suggest thatUtah taxpayers would likely pay a lot more than expected under the “private option” partial Medicaid expansion proposed in SB 251. Even though the Arkansas private option covers more people than Sen. Shiozawa’s proposal would entail, the principles and concepts of the two plans are similar which means they will likely play out similarly if the waiver in SB 251 is approved.

It is also worth noting that the costs this paper estimates to accrue to Arkansas state taxpayers are happening in the years when the federal government is supposed to be paying for 100% of the costs of expansion, which further illuminates realities associated with expanding Medicaid under the ACA (Obamacare).


Thank you.


Stan Rasmussen

Director, Public Affairs


Derek Monson

Director, Public Policy


Sutherland Institute





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