From: Janis Christensen
Date: Thu Mar 06 16:30:51 MST 2014

Dear Representative,
I know there are many Education bills being considered this session, but there are some which are of particular concern for me as a mother, grandmother and former educator:

HB169 - Please vote YES to insure my students' personal information is protected.
SB 39  - Please vote YES to protect  home-schoolers from  excessive, far-reaching governmental regulations.
HB 223 -Please vote NO.  Non-partisan elections will not give the informative vetting present in a partisan election.
HB228-  Please vote  NO.  It is a waste of taxpayer money to put an iPad in the hands of every  student. To do so will further
                facilitate computer adaptive testing and intrusive data collection.

Thank you for your service.
Janis Christensen