From: utahnonviolence
Subject: HB134
Date: Wed Mar 05 23:45:09 MST 2014
Hello Legislators,

Please support Representative Eliason's HB134.  With such a large surplus from Concealed Firearm Permit fees, the state can definitely afford to divert the money to promote safe storage and suicide prevention efforts.  

Utah has one of the highest rates of adult suicide in the nation and a very seriously high rate of suicide among teens and young adults. Easy access to firearms absolutely affects these rates. The American Academy of Pediatrics knows it. The New England Journal of Medicine has reported on it many times. I could go on and on with sources.

The incentives in this bill would most definitely encourage CFP holders to purchase methods of safe storage and would concretely improve the safety of teens and children in Utah.

Please vote yes on this bill.

Thank you,

Miriam Walkingshaw
Utah Parents Against Gun Violence