From: fritz pettyjohn
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HJR 8 and Alaska
Date: Wed Mar 05 22:54:10 MST 2014
Rep. Powell has advised me that a number of Utah legislators are concerned with the role Congress might play in setting the rules for an Amendment Convention, if one were called pursuant to HJR 8. 
I can assure you with absolute confidence that a delegation from Alaska to such a convention would categorically reject any attempt by Congress to do anything other than set the time and place.  I am no longer a member of the Alaska legislature, but many current legislators are very well known to me.  They understand that the purpose of an Amendment Convention -- indeed, the purpose of Article V -- is to circumvent Congress.  To agree to any control from Congress would subvert the entire process. 
When I voted for a resolution similar to HJR 8 in Alaska in 1984 (it’s still in effect)  we did not consider a Delegate Limitation Act.  Based on concerns I heard from Utah legislators, I have asked Alaska State Senator Fred Dyson to introduce such legislation.  He has agreed, and we will try to convince the legislative leadership that it is needed to assure other states that Alaska would never allow its delegates to exceed the scope of the call.  The group I represent, the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force (, will make strenuous efforts to pass DLA’s in the other 18 states that have passed a resolution, but not a DLA.
The Framers put Article V in the Constitution to give the States a tool to control the federal government.  If we lack the confidence in ourselves to use this tool, we have no other means at hand.  We will lose our country.  We’re losing it right now. 
This is a vote not just for Utah, but for the country we love.

Alaska State Senator Fritz Pettyjohn, Retired

P. S.  Thanks for your vote in committee
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