From: ron findlay
To: Ron Findlay,
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Date: Wed Mar 05 04:21:43 MST 2014
I wish to ask you to OPPOSE HB324.

My name is Ron Findlay and I am a licensed massage therapist practicing for 21 years, I am a former President of the American Massage Therapy Association in Utah and have been following the massage law for 18 years.

I wish to offer some insight to HB324 and ask for a nay vote when it comes to the House Floor.

I am well aware of the changes to the substitute bill and wish to express the opinion of MANY massage therapists statewide whom I represent (The Independent Massage Therapists of Utah) who feel that despite the changes to the bill, we are not comfortable allowing Ortho-Bionomy to be exempt from the Massage Practice Act.

First, there are only three people in this state who practice Ortho-Bionomy, and in their own literature, they define their practice as massage and use several massage terms in their own definition.  

There are many different modalities related to massage and if we offered exemption to them all, we would no longer have a massage law at all. We would essentially DECONSTRUCT our own law that protects us as therapists.

What will be next? Cranio-Sacral therapists, Seated massage therapists, sports massage therapists, Thai massage practitioners, Shiatsu?  All of these massage modalities practice with the client fully clothed.

The main reason we have licensure in this state is to separate us from the illicit (prostitues) who claim to practice massage, licensure creates a MUCH NEEDED separation to illicit people who practice prostitution and pretend to be massage-type practitioners.

Whenever we offer exemption from our bill, we give these people another name to use as a cover for illicit practice. And when there is no direct oversight by an agency such as DOPL, it is far more difficult to monitor these practices which contributes to the safety of the licensed therapists as well as creates a confusion among the client as where to go to receive "therapeutic" massage.

We have sadly seen in the past that these illicit people will use these terms because they are not overseen by the massage law.

Ortho-Bionomy describes itself as a type of massage, it is NOT different from what massage therapists currently use, it is simply a massage modality and therefore should be tied to having a massage license. 

If those who practice Ortho-Bionomy wish to create their own practice act, this would be a far better solution.

I fear that next year there will only be more massage modalities who come before this legislature asking for more exemptions.
We have striven to maintain the effectiveness of the massage bill over the years and hope to maintain that integrity.

Thank you again for your time,

Ron Findlay LMT

Attached is a description of ortho-bionomy from

Ortho-bionomy definition.pdf