From: Allan Hales
To: ;,
Subject: HB 342 Amend to original bill or kill the bill
Date: Wed Mar 05 00:25:41 MST 2014

Dear Representative,

    Please amend HB 342 back to its original form or kill it, so Utah gets on its own superior standards by 2016.



    Also, please vote NO on HB 131 for giving students tablets and iPad.  Consider this about the tech world we live in: The student no longer has to dig for information; his or her mind isn't drawn out in mental exercises in solving problems. It is all at the touch of a finger--instant gratification--something akin to sexually gratification.  Point in case, look at how many young men are coming home off of LDS missions before they have been out even 6 months because they can't be without their electronics.


Testing of our children for character traits and not comprehension is absolutely criminal. NO to this type of testing!


Allan Hales

Salem, UT