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Subject: CSG State Entrepreneurship Days Focus on Helping New Businesses
Date: Thu Mar 13 15:14:53 MDT 2014
March 13, 2014

CSG State Entrepreneurship Days 

Focus on Helping New Businesses 

By  Jennifer Burnett CSG Program Manager for Fiscal and Economic Policy  


The issues that state leaders from across the political spectrum can agree on are rare, but the promotion and cultivation of homegrown entrepreneurs might just be one of them. State leaders know entrepreneurs help drive the economy forward and not only create jobs, but also contribute to an increase in wages and standards of living. CSG will host State Entrepreneurship Days to explore state-based solutions for increased entrepreneurship and stronger, more successful startups.


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By Pam Goins, CSG Director of Education Policy


Since President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty in 1964, the rate of young children in poverty has only slightly decreased. Kristin Moore, senior scholar and co-director of youth development at Child Trends--a nonpartisan research center focused on the well-being of children and youth--said during a recent CSG webinar that poverty harms children's brains, negatively affects how the body and mind develop, alters the fundamental architecture of the brain and makes a difference not only in their present functioning, but also in their future endeavors.


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InterstateCompacts133Interstate Compacts: 

What was Old is New Again

By Crady deGolian, Director of CSG's National Center for Interstate Compacts


With each state belonging to an average of two dozen interstate compacts, these tools are not new to state policymakers. In fact, the original 13 colonies were using compacts even before the U.S. Constitution was ratified. Rick Masters, who serves as special counsel to The Council of State Governments' National Center for Interstate Compacts, discussed the background, history and modern use of interstate compacts during a recent webinar


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EPA Expands Indian Reservation Borders 

By Rebekah Fitzgerald, CSG Research Associate


A decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to treat the Wind River Indian Reservation as a separate state under the Clean Air Act raised questions and opposition in Wyoming. Now state and local leaders are wondering how to improve communication to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.


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MeetAMember133Changing the Game of Politics 

to Benefit People

By Mary Branham, CSG Managing Editor


Pennsylvania Rep. Pam DeLissio believes many people involved in politics today see it primarily as a sport. She tries to avoid those games. "You see policy that's for the greater good of the citizens taking a back seat to the politics involved, almost as if politics were a sport and it's about who wins," said DeLissio, a 2013 CSG Toll Fellow. She is working to change that thought process in her corner of the world.


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Alaska Considers Transportation Trust Fund


Montana to Offer Tiered Certificates


Nevada, Delaware Sign First Online Gambling Compact


Tennessee Relaxes Residency Requirements for Veterans


Indiana Adopts Higher Education Agreement


Tax Code Could be Key 

to Transportation Investment


New Air Pollution Rules for Colorado's Oil and Gas Drillers



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