From: Cherilyn Eagar
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Leg Alert: HB 228 - Bring Back Partisan School Board Election Bill
Date: Thu Feb 27 15:02:40 MST 2014
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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Legislative Alert!
Bring Back HB 228 - Partisan School Board Elections

Does your state have partisan elections for its school board?  If not, you will want to read this.  Utah, this is critically important and URGENT! 

Utah's HB228 making the school board election partisan was the most important education bill of this session.  But by only ONE vote, it did not make it out of committee.

It was the bill that would change how the State School Board is elected by allowing for a bi-partisan school board election in the State School Board race. 

In Utah, an overwhelmingly Republican state, many run as Republicans to get elected and then they vote as democrats when their constituents aren't looking. 

Such is the case in many states with a dominant party.  

If this bill HB228 can be re-heard and voted out of committee, it would be debated by the entire state House.  If it passes, it would allow all candidates to be openly vetted in Utah's great caucus convention system and then held accountable.

If one of the 3 who voted against it will agree to bring it back, it will most likely be voted out of committee and heard by the entire House. 

This is critically important.  The school board is responsible for administering 65% of our tax money in Utah and it warrants allowing the entire House to hear HB288.

Take ACTION Now!

Please email, call and/or text ASAP
Representative Brad Last
Representative Lowry Snow
Simply put in the subject heading "Bring back HB228"

Then kindly ask them to vote it out of committee and give everyone in the House a chance to hear and debate this important bill.

Sign the petition to stop nationalized education!  Do it TODAY!!!


Volunteer during the legislative session, at home or by coming to the capitol at your own pace and schedule.


Cherilyn Eagar
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