From: Oak Norton
To: Oak Norton,
Subject: HB 131 - please vote no
Date: Wed Feb 26 14:46:23 MST 2014

Dear Representative, I cannot support HB 131 because there are too many unanswered questions.


What is the real cost? The Tribune says a report is coming out that pegs the cost at $750 million for the first year and $300 million a year after that.


Where has this been piloted? Was it for all ages? What curriculum was used? Will all children be on the same curriculum? Is it Common Core aligned? Will there be a selection of software for schools to choose from or just one set for everyone? Is the state covering software costs as well? How about tech support? What about breakage? Are students going to be prevented from graduating if they have a broken iPad they can’t afford to replace? Do we honestly think a tech tool is going to revolutionize education? Did the advent of the PC raise math and English scores? (NO)


Adding a billion dollar layer of complexity on top of an already botched program (Common Core) isn't going to fix the root problem.




Oak Norton