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Subject: Comfort and confidence while driving
Date: Sun Feb 16 00:29:42 MST 2014

Easy View HD - Stop Blinding Sun and Dangerous Glare

Easy View HD is the clear polycarbonate attachment that is specially tinted to diffuse sunlight and glare. Safely and effectively reduce headlight glare at night. Enjoy the comfort and confidence that Easy View HD adds to your driving experience.

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Easy View HD - Stop Blinding Sun and Dangerous Glare

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BETHLEHEM, West Bank When 18-year-old Ayat al-Akhras blew herself up outside a busy Jerusalem supermarket in 2002, killing two Israelis, her grieving parents were unable to bury her and say their final goodbyes because Israel refused to send her remains home.More than a decade later, after appeals from human rights groups, Israel is handing over some 30 bodies of Palestinian assailants, including that of al-Akhras, enabling her family to arrange a funeral.Israel has returned the remains of Palestinian attackers from time to time during the decades of conflict, sometimes as part of prisoner swaps, but the current round involves the most recent suicide bombers and gunmen and has revived painful memories for families and friends of some of the victims.In the West Bank town of Bethlehem, the teenage bomber's parents, Mohammed and Khadra al-Akhras, expect an easing of their grief."The pain will end," said Mohammed al-Akhras, 67, who chain-smoked while he talked and rested his hands gnarled from years of manual labor on top of the cane he uses to walk with. "At any time during the day, during the night, we can go and visit her," he added.In Israel, the return of the remains of attackers from the second Palestinian uprising a decade ago has provoked some anger."Those who killed civilians should be treated like people who committed war crimes," said Meir Indor, head of Almagor, a group that speaks for victims of attacks by militants. "Eic up."On Friday, the Salt Lake School District both apologized and placed a school cafeteria manager and a district supervisor on paid leave while officials further investigate the incident.The Utah school is located in a middle-class neighborhood, and the district qualifies for federal reimbursement on lunches when students select certain offerings within nutritional guidelines."This was a mistake," spokesman Jason Olsen said. "There shouldn't have been food taken away from these students once they went through that line."The Utah incident provoked something of a national firestorm and even prompted one news outlet in Texas to check how students in their local school districts would fare under similar circumstances."We make sure every child gets a meal no matter what," Kelly Grones, director of Food Services for the Round Rock Independent School District outside Austin told KEYE TV. "When they hit a certain limit they're offered a cheese sandwich and milk.Ross told NBC 10 the Galloway district has taken her son's lunch numerous times since third grade, and a principal even apologized for doing so last year.She conceded she had allowed her sons lunch account to become delinquent, but attributed the situation to her sons occasional failure to relay notes and messages on the issue sent home from the school.The districts superintendent -- Dr. Annette Giaquinto -- reportedly said her schools have a similar cheese sandwich policy as the distri