From: Envision Utah
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Cream Soda & Land Use, Air Quality, Water and more . . .
Date: Fri Feb 14 22:56:28 MST 2014
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Big Kids, Little City - Episode 5 : Land Use

There are many ways that communities use their land. Find out what kids think the most common types of land use are and how Cream Soda might fit into the story.

CLICK HERE to see Episode 5.

The Air We Breathe

KUED takes a close look at the causes and the difficult challenges confronting Utah's citizens, businesses and government regarding the winter inversions that blanket the most populous parts of the state in the most polluted air in the nation.

CLICK HERE to watch "The Air We Breathe"

Water Strategy Advisory Team Update

The State Water Strategy Advisory Team constructed a framework for establishing policy recommendations and other strategies to ensure that, as our population grows we will have adequate water and a mechanisms for delivering it.

The team worked to establish baseline assumptions and key policy questions that should be answered to address the following:

  • Utah’s water is a finite resource that is affected by short and long term climate variability.
  • Utah’s economic viability is dependent upon and constrained by water supply.
  • Wise and efficient water use will be necessary

Over the next month the Water Team will refine the assumptions and further explore the questions that will address these assumptions.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the State Water Strategy Advisory Team

Clean Air Action Team Recommends Addtional Immediate Action to Clear the Air

On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 the Clean Air Action Team made the following three additional recommendations for immediate actions on air quality:

  1. Expand public transportation & invest in facilities to make biking and walking more convenient.
  2. Increase the Utah Division of Air Quality's budget and authority.
  3. Continue to expand the "Let's Clear the Air" public education campaign.

“The Clean Air Action Team feels an urgency to act now,” said Lonnie Bullard of Jacobsen Construction, one of the two co-chairs of the team. “There has been unanimous support among the group for the five recommendations we have made. We feel five actions should move forward as rapidly as possible because they can have an impact now.” The team will continue to work through 2014 to establish a complete set of recommendations in advance of the 2015 legislative session.

CLICK HERE to read the entire press release.

2014 Air Quality Legislation

For the latest on Air Quality Legislation, check out the legislative tracker page over at Breathe Utah's website.

CLICK HERE to for the 2014 Air Quality Legislation page.

Love, The Envision Utah Team