From: The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Update
Date: Fri Feb 07 20:41:24 MST 2014
 Greetings! The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Dear Members,

We hope you are enjoying 2014 so far. We wanted to give you an update on the progress at The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. Anyone who has remodeled a kitchen or built a new home can relate with their own personal experiences in construction challenges! The Aquarium is no different; it is just on a much larger scale and has live animals to keep safe during this process. You can only imagine the massive effort that has gone into closing down our old aquarium, the building of our beautiful new aquarium, and the set up and move of our animals to the new facility. We have been extremely sensitive to making sure we take enough time to build our animal habitats correctly and to allow enough time for the animals to get acclimated before opening our new facility.

Fortunately we had contingency plans in place in the event we needed more time to complete the new facility. Financially, it would be ideal to be open now, but it's much more important to us that we don't open before the habitats for the animals are ready. Our visitors come to the aquarium to see our amazing animals so we are taking every step possible to ensure that it's a fantastic experience from day one for everyone who visits the new aquarium.

While all the construction is going on, we've also tested our new LED building skin technology. You may have noticed it as you drive by. The LED wall is on the south side of the building. It's a one of a kind invention, unlike anywhere else in the country. Our CEO Brent Andersen built prototypes with our talented team, and finally saw it installed a few weeks ago.

The new aquarium will be a top tourist attraction for our state, and the Intermountain West. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is 136,000 square feet. Most aquariums this size have cost well over $50 million, but through innovation, value engineering and support from local firms, we have been able to reduce that cost by half, something never accomplished before.

If you've purchased a membership lately, they will be good one year from our opening date. Any old memberships were put on hold when we closed, so the amount of time left on them will still be good when we open. If you need a new membership, you can purchase them online, or stop by our old location in Sandy. The front desk is open 10am to 5pm every day.

We are so excited to share the new aquarium with you. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to finish Utah's world class aquarium. Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates. Thanks for following The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium!

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