From: Flowers Direct
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Bouquet beauties, just $19.99!
Date: Fri Feb 07 19:29:49 MST 2014

$19.99 Valentine's Day bouquets???seriously!

Valentine's Flowers from only $19.99 through this special offer from our partner ProFlowers
Guaranteed delivery by Feb 14
Valentine's Day Flowers & Gifts from $19.99 plus get a FREE glass vase!
Tender Hugs and Kisses - $19.99
Tender Hugs
and Kisses

FREE Glass Vase
Save $20!
Two Dozen Rainbow Roses
Two Dozen
Rainbow Roses

FREE Glass Vase
Save $10!
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All-In-One Valentine's Day Special
All-In-One Valentine's
Day Special

FREE Ruby Vase
FREE Chocolates
FREE Love Pick
Save $30!
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Offers valid until 2/13/2014 or while supplies last.

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