From: wyatt rasmussen
To: Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Patrice Arent, Keven John Stratton, Dean Sanpei, Kraig Powell, Marie Poulson, Val Peterson, Jim Nielson, Carol Moss, Daniel McCay,
Subject: Dear Committee Member
Date: Thu Feb 06 03:50:18 MST 2014
Dear Committee Member,

Please oppose HB 96.  It has been proven through excellent and repeatable research that preschool and any early learning environment puts unnecessary pressure on children and inhibits rather than enhances their ability to learn.  Spending too much time with peers often leads to peer attachment rather than parental attachment. The most advantageous situation for any young child is to be in the security of his or her home.

If Utah is going to spend an exorbitant amount of money, which it doesn't have, it makes far more sense to disperse funds to families to help mothers or fathers stay home with their children. 

This bill is preposterous, bad for Utah's finances, and most importantly, bad for Utah's children.  Please help protect our children from educational abuse and oppose HB 96.

Here is one reference for your perusal that documents the reasons to keep children in their homes longer:

Here is another reference for a study that discusses teaching reading at age five versus age seven:

We continue to do a disservice to our children in Utah by ignoring the excellent research done in child development that could guide us in creating successful, stress-free, and excited learners.  Our youngest children don't need more school.  It will not help them be successful--quite the opposite.


Wyatt and Lindsay Rasmussn
Logan, Utah