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Date: Tue Jan 28 18:41:10 MST 2014

RSVP for COS's brand new series of free, interactive webinars entitled Article V: The Real Deal.
Convention of States


My name is Jim Kinney. I have recently begun working as the Executive Director for the Convention of States Project, and I have some great news.

The COS Project is about to begin a brand new series of free, interactive webinars entitledArticle V: The Real Deal. The Real Deal will walk you through the Convention of States process in plain, simple English and answer some of the most common questions about Article V before, during, and after the convention.

Part I – Before the Convention: Mythbusting

Michael Farris, head of the COS Project, will kick things off on February 3 at 8pm EST by doing some myth busting. A number of objections have been raised against a Convention of States, and Michael would like to respond to a few of them.

Part II – During the Convention: We Know the Rules

On February 13 at 9pm EST Prof. Rob Natelson, leading expert on Article V, will explain how a Convention of States would operate based on previous interstate conventions as well as legal precedent.

Part III – After the Convention: A Vision for the Future

Finally, on February 20 at 9pm EST, Mark Meckler, President and Founder of Citizen's for Self-Governance, will paint a picture of America after we hold a Convention of States.

At the end of each presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker through our interactive webinar service.

Hurry! Seating is limited. Click here and follow the on-screen instructions to RSVP for Part I.


Jim Kinney
Executive Director
Convention of States Project


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