From: Michael Farris, CSG
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: FWD: Make 2014 a Turning Point
Date: Tue Dec 31 21:07:17 MST 2013

The deadline for our end-of-the-year December Matching Challenge is just hours away.

The deadline for our end-of-the-year December Matching Challenge is just hours away.

It's time to take action to stop the deluge of threats to our Constitution. Generous donors have agreed to match every tax-deductible gift made online. We're close to our goal. You can put us over the top.

Have Your Donation Doubled before MIDNIGHT.

Michael Farris
Director, Convention of States Project
Citizens for Self-Governance

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From: Mark Meckler, CSG
Date: Tuesday, Dec 31, 2013 at 7:06 AM

Subject: Make 2014 a Turning Point 

To: Michael Farris

Citizens for Self-Governance


Long before "hope" became a political manipulation, we had it – in our hearts, in our schools, in our future plans.

It’s amazing what an enormous, corrupt federal government can do to our outlook on life.

However, the New Year presents new opportunities… old ones, in fact.

America was built on self-governance and we can bring her back with it as well.

Our December matching challenge is the first we’ve ever done. In fact, we’ve never asked you for money, because we know how hard it is to make these days. However, there comes a time to come together and fight, and now is that time. We have just a few more hours left, and we’re happy to announce that you guys have really come through! We’re only $4,490 short of our goal.

Please join us in this epic fight to bring our nation back to the original glory our founders envisioned and our children deserve.

We can only do it together.

Make your tax-deductible gift today. Our generous donors have pledged to double the amount, but our MIDNIGHT deadline is fast approaching.

To meet the challenges ahead, we need your support.

Mark Meckler,
President, Citizens for Self-Governance

Now to Double Your Gift.

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