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at could eventually affect our national security in the short term," the source said. "And we're not talking midterm or long-term, this is the short-term."The source said "it's a daily frustration."Another threat is a larger terrorist haven that continues to build in parts of Libya and North Africa. Those working the region in the interest of U.S. security say the ball is being dropped by top leaders at the White House, Pentagon and State Department."Benghazi, the second-highest population of foreign fighters, and the war in Iraq came from Benghazi, second to Saudi Arabia, so we are talking about a historic location and region that has fed foreign fighters to kill Americans, and kill other coalition forces," one source said."The analysts, the intelligence experts all say the same thing, that if we just ignore the situation as it presents itself, eventually it will be another invasion will have to take place for us to eventually turn the tide."He says the region also remains a weapons hub after the overthrow of former leader Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, which saw massive stockpiles of weapons in Libya move freely across the Mediterranean and in many cases into Syria. While the U.S. has claimed a more active role to find and remove an estimated 20,000 shoulder-launched missiles called MANPADS, some Americans working the area say they aren't allowed to take or even destroy the missiles because they have not been given the authority from thei Farrah Abraham's video cover is shown.FNNFormer Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has officially gone from reality star to porn star.The MTV starlet sold her sex tape, filmed with adult-film actor James Deen, for more than six figures, according to TMZ. The young mother is said to be making about $1 million from the raunchy movie.And now some photos from the X-Rated flick have hit the web. In the pics, obtained by TMZ, Abraham is seen posing seductively on a bed and in the shower.PHOTOS: Click here to see the NSFW picturesOn Tuesday, the Teen Mom said she was happy with the money she earned for the tape."I am happy with the seven figure settlement I have reached, with who I feel to be the best adult entertainment company in the industry, Vivid," Abraham said in a statement. "This is a risk for me to take, however I feel comfortable having given the rights to Vivid, a company I know can handle the media and press surrounding my sexuality."The tape, titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom will be released May 6 on Vivids website and May 14 in stores.