From: Men of Justice and Compassion Association
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Arians or Harbaugh?(Cast Your Vote Today for MOJAC's CMLiS Award)
Date: Mon Dec 23 21:41:14 MST 2013

First of all, let me say I hope the majority of our readers have a sense of humor and find the picture to your left very amusing. Remember the last email?  It was stated that the bird MOJAC denigrate is the ostrich. Folks, may all of us soar like an eagle and tackle major social conditions. 

With that said, I want to take this opportunity to explain some of the frames that are being employed in MOJAC-sent emails.  I am continuing my higher education in pursuit of my PhD in Sociology.  Along the way, my area of sociological interests is Gender Studies, more particularly, the masculine gender.  

With the sincere and compassionate concerns I have for humans, I am preparing now for my thesis and dissertation. One of the bus passengers going to the game (Cardinals/49ers) this weekend shares my passion for humans. Just this morning she wrote: "Hi Lee,
Can you tell me how many disadvantaged and homeless people we will have on the bus?  I know that I will be packing a large bag of snacks for Bart and I and I wanted to make sure I bring extras for them too.  So I thought I'd pack a goodie bag for each of them.  Would you let me know?  Thanks."

The most recently-sent email was a smashing success. The open and clicks rates are currently off the charts.  I believe more would have opened if I had properly installed an email subject.  Needless to say, many of you are not going to the website and casting your vote for MOJAC's Compassionate Male Leadership in Sports Award.  MOJAC needs your help, please vote today. 

It only takes  a minute to click this link and cast your vote now.  Why is this is important?  In performing past extensive research,  it has been noted thatmale social leadership is a weak social institution in our American society. Women are doing an amazing job at being leaders in social advocacy. Sad to say, men who believe so staunchly in hegemonic masculinity are not going to follow the lead of our socially-strong feminine leadership.  

Folks, the point is this: "to accentuate the positive, one must expose the negative."  Here is how MOJAC is trying so hard to accentuate the positive!  By appointing Arians or Harbaugh as theCompassionate Male Leadership in Sports will accomplish two things for our organization and hopefully, our society.  

First, it honors or acknowledges the sportsmanship of
each candidate.  Secondly, should one or both men decide to film public service announcements in support of bullying, child abuse, domestic violence, drunk driving, sexual assault, and stalking awareness campaigns, other men would listen to them. Can you envision their impact on other men?

The composite variables of power, influence, and persuasion are the independent variables under observation. In other words, does the PIP {without Gladys Knight} (power, influence, persuasion) of alpha males has an influence over the behavior or conduct of beta males? This will be the premise for my masters thesis. 

If you have time to read this email then perhaps you have time to vote for your favoriteCompassionate Male Leadership in Sports.  Will you do that for me?  Your vote will be my Christmas present from you. You have until New Year's Eve to do so. 

With Arians' win over the Seattle Seahawks, and ending their 14 home game winning streak yesterday, the Dedoose program shows him with a slight edge over Harbaugh. Despite Carson Palmer's four interceptions and other miscues on scoring opportunities, Arians was still able to motivate his team with his sideline demeanor and enthusiasm. His players responded by pulling out an improbable and important victory for his organization. 

One more thing, MOJAC has reached out to MADD to see if we could collaborate on an essay contest focusing on "affluenza".  Look for future emails on essay submissions and prizes for your thoughts on the decision by the Texas judge to dissolve an affluent teenager of accountability responsibility by drinking and driving. The Grand Prize winner will be notified in time for next year's Black Friday. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All,

Lee Johnson
Board Chair


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