To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: An exclusive invitation to join the No Kill Coalition
Date: Wed Dec 11 23:20:28 MST 2013
December 10, 2013

The Hon. Dean Sanpei
State House
, UT

Dear Dean Sanpei: 

I write you today with the voice of 514 organizations represented by the No Kill Coalition!  In aggregate we are hundreds of thousands of registered voters that care about the welfare of this nation's animals. 

This year the No Kill Coalition, in concert with a national campaign, will undertake No Kill MondaysWe are asking this nations animal shelters to take a pedge not to kill on Mondays as a pathway to an eventual No Kill America. By joining us, you will be lending your name to this effort as well as the overall goal to make America the first no kill nation in the world!

The campaign is well on it's way with dozens of shelters already signing the pledge to never kill on Mondays. A significant public relations and media effort will accompany our effort and your participation will be highlighted in all our forms of communication.

Due to your leadership status, we would like to extend you an exclusive, no obligation, invitation to join the No Kill Coalition.

Please participate in this noble endeavour, you can even sing up ELECTRONICALLY by simply CLICKING HERE.

Thank you,

Alex Aliksanyan
Managing Director