From: Convention of States
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Big News in South Carolina!
Date: Thu Dec 05 14:47:00 MST 2013

The Convention of States is becoming a reality! Be sure to get involved today!
Convention of States


The Convention of States Project is now officially rolling! Remember when we said several other states were preparing to pre-file our application? We’re happy to announce:

South Carolina has pre-filed our application, and Florida is close behind!

Watch SC Rep. Bill Taylor explain why he decided to be our prime sponsor.

If you want your state to pre-file too, the Action Center is where to start. Create your profile; contact your leader; get involved today!

Will it do any good? Yes! A Convention of States can help the economy by forcing Washington to balance the budget.

Michael Farris explains what it might look like.

A COS could also keep this from happening by removing oppressive, unreasonable federal regulations.

A balanced budget and no more ridiculous red tape? Sign up today!

- COS Project Team

P.S. As we fight, our generous donors have agreed to match your tax-deductible gift, dollar for dollar.Help us raise $100,000 to confront the overreach of the federal government by donating now.

  Contribute Now to Double Your Gift.

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