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Subject: Dec. 2: Is your state booming, stagnating or starting to fall behind? | Webinar on evaluating principals
Date: Mon Dec 02 15:53:34 MST 2013

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TOP NEWS Dec. 2, 2013

Is your state booming, stagnating or starting to fall behind?

Business Insider

Every month, the Philadelphia branch of the Federal Reserve publishes a look at coincident economic indicators by each state to show which states are thriving and which are not. The good news is that over the past quarter, the economic data has shown improvement in 45 states. Only 5 are seeing shrinking right now.

State politicians stymied by metal thefts

NCSL Fall Forum panel cited in Politico

As state lawmakers across the country grapple with a widening epidemic of scrap metal thefts, the question of how to cut down on the costly and intractable scourge has touched a fundamental ideological nerve — how much government regulation is too much.

Iowa lawmaker still seeking medical marijuana law

NCSL's Karmen Hanson quoted by Associated Press

Legalizing medical marijuana will again be debated in the upcoming legislative session, though Iowa lawmakers have so far been loath to embrace a policy that is spreading in much of the country.Check out NCSL’s research on this topic.

Amazon rejected by Supreme Court on New York internet sales tax law

NCSL research cited by Bloomberg

The U.S. Supreme Court stayed out of the multibillion-dollar fight over Internet sales taxes, leaving intact a New York law that forces Inc. to collect money from customers in that state. Check out NCSL’s research on this topic.

Expanding high-tech voting for 2014

NCSL's Wendy Underhill quoted in Politico

It may be a while before Americans can tweet their ballot or text their vote, but states are making strides to move elections from the voting booth into the hands — and even mobile devices — of voters. Across the country, states are gearing up to implement new voter technologies for 2014, as they attempt to advance the ballot-casting experience to catch up with the Facebook generation. Check out NCSL’s research on this topic.

Mississippi's youngest legislator a senior at Tulane

Jackson Clarion Ledger

The day he’s sworn in to the state House, Jeramey Anderson of Moss Point will turn 22. Mississippi’s youngest legislator will be balancing education with legislation — he’s finishing his final year at Tulane University’s Gulf Coast campus in Biloxi, where he is studying homeland security and public relations.
Webinar Dec. 9: Evaluating school principals - from the statehouse to the schoolhouse

Principal evaluation holds great promise for improving principals’ practice, building their capacity, holding them accountable for student progress and ensuring that they have an overall positive impact on students, teachers and schools. Join colleagues from NCSL, NGA, CCSSO and NABSE on Monday, Dec. 9 at 3 pm ET as we unpack principal evaluation, looking at the research base and learning from the state and district perspectives in Maryland

Preparing for Duty: What states are doing to sustain military installations

At least 1.2 million people currently are serving in the U.S. armed forces, more than 23 million are veterans and more than 250 military installations exist in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. U.S. military operations touch every state in some way, and state legislatures are playing an increasingly substantial role in military issues.

Drug shortages: Preserving the nation's prescription drug supply

In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration reported that there was a record number of drug shortages, which increased in 2011 and, although there was a noted decline in 2012, shortages of critically needed drugs began to affect the provision of care and emergency treatment.


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