From: Blood Pressure Solution
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: 1 weird food that KILLS blood pressure
Date: Sun Nov 24 15:08:43 MST 2013

"Mr. Burge, you're going to die.

Probably before you leave this building."

That's what the nurse told me when she took my blood pressure.

I was too terrified to speak. My wife was weeping.

I thought about my son Ken. He had recently turned his own blood
pressure around and lost a lot of weight.

Whatever he was doing was working.

So I picked up the phone, hands shaking, and gave him a call.

Ken told me to drop whatever I was doing, drive to the nearest
grocery store, and buy this one weird ingredient:

1 food that kills high blood pressure

You will not believe what happened next (click on the link above
to learn the rest).

God bless,

Dennis Burge
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Church
Monet, Missouri

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