From: Samsung
To: Recipients,
Subject: Congratulations!
Date: Wed Oct 23 14:23:55 MDT 2013
SAMSUNG AWARD BOARD. PO Box 1010, London w70 6NL, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 702 4094 467 Batch Number: NK146/003 Pin Number: 85568VPG24 Pocket Number: 110147662 Dear Award Winner, We are pleased to inform you of the first online promotional award conducted by Samsung Company. Your E-mail was selected among 10 Lucky winners who won (£500,000.00 = Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pound Sterling's) each from SAMSUNG PROMOTIONAL AWARD 2013. Your E-mail was entered as an independent candidate and was attached to Verification Number (CN-435-663-6) and Batch Number: SMG146/003. The online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of 100,000,000 E-mail addresses of individuals by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. This promotional award is part of the financial empowerment program of the SAMSUNG AWARD BOARD WORLDWIDE in its struggle to alleviate poverty and to help less privileged. However, no tickets were sold but all E-mails was assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized E-mail selection machine (TOPAZ) from a database of over 250,000,000 GSM NUMBER drawn from all the continents of the world. This Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). This lottery is the 1st of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public. In order to claim your (£500,000.00 = Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pound Sterling's) winning award, you are advice to provide the required information below to enable us process all document to remit your funds to you. NAME: AGE: GENDER: ADDRESS: PHONE: OCCUPATION: STATE: COUNTRY: NATIONALITY. Accept my hearty congratulations! Sincerely, Kerry Jones Chief Executive Officer Samsung Award Board, United Kingdom.