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Subject: Leadership Profiles on Demand
Date: Thu Oct 17 18:40:49 MDT 2013
Leadership Profiles on Demand
Person and Organization Profiles

Dear Professional,

You can now purchase individual Profiles of any person or organization from the Leadership Directories database of nearly a half million leaders at more than 40,000 major U.S. government, business, professional, and nonprofit organizations.

With Leadership Profiles on Demand™ you can quickly search, select, preview and purchase the individual or organization information you need and in minutes download your Profile! You can purchase listings from a directory that you would like to preview or quickly get information for short term research projects. Each Profile is made-to-order so you always receive the most current data available. With Leadership Profiles on Demand™ you get the information you need from a source you trust.

Registered users can take advantage of a stored Order History, and can enter client numbers or matter numbers when purchasing Profiles, and then download reports of orders placed on be
half of clients for the purpose of billing back charges.

To learn more about Leadership Profiles on Demand™ and to view a sample listing, pleaseclick here to visit our FAQ page.

Person Profiles – Get an all-encompassing view of an individual’s professional network with the following information:

Contact information such as address, phone and fax number, and e-mail address.
The individual’s primary job and secondary positions held, including corporate and nonprofit board memberships.
Person Profiles may also include biographical information, such as photo, education, and career background.

Organization Profiles – Understand an organization’s structure and leadership with the following information:

Organization contact information, plus helpful information such as business description or mission statement, number of employees or members, and relevant financial data, such as annual revenue, assets, or budget.
Employees and board members with name, title, and full contact information, including phone, fax, and e-mail, where available. Many listings also include biographical information.
Departments, offices, subsidiaries, or chambers with full contact information, plus management and staff with full contact information.

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