From: Convention of States
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Gaining Ground
Date: Wed Oct 02 13:03:49 MDT 2013

Citizens for Self-Governance


The Convention of States Project is gaining more ground every day. We’ve added two additional staff this month and are looking for more. Mark Meckler and Laura Fennig will give presentations on the COS Project at the Washington Freedom Summit on Oct. 4-5 in Spokane, Washington. (If you can, join us!) And Michael Farris traveled to Maryland and presented our strategy to hundreds of potential supporters. The road is long, but we’re well on our way!

Want to help? Here’s how.

Prof. Rob Natelson explain the Article V process.

What kind of amendments could we propose? Here are two.

Several bloggers criticize the Article V process. Read why they are wrong.

Are memes your thing? Check out ours on theCOS Facebook page – and share them on your personal page to spread the word.

Our Twitter account -- @COSProject -- has grown exponentially in the past few weeks! Hear about the latest breaking news and updates by following us.

COS Project Team

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