From: Stefanie Costello
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Immunization Measures Posted-September 30, 2013
Date: Tue Oct 01 15:38:41 MDT 2013



TheCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted for the retooling of NQF #1659, Influenza Immunization, as an electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM), to be derived from electronic health record data. Abt Associates, in collaboration with the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality (OFMQ), are the measure developers leading the retooling of NQF 1659, Influenza Immunization.

The measure has been specified using the Measure Authoring Tool (MAT).  Abt is requesting stakeholder review and public comment on the draft specifications. This email serves as a call for public comment on these specifications. The 30-day public comment period will begin September 30, 2013 and end October 30, 2013.

All comments are welcome, but we are particularly interested in feedback in the following areas:

·         Representation of the legacy measure constructs in the logic

·         Value sets

·         Implementation considerations


There are three sets of files included in this posting for public comment, which include:


·        The Measure Information Form (MIF), which outlines the specifications for the NQF-endorsed legacy measure

·        The eCQM Health Quality Measures Format (HQMF) MAT generated artifacts:

o  An XML Stylesheet for Transformation (XSLT): The XSLT file allows the eCQM XML file to open directly in a web browser. When opened this way, the eMeasure XML file displays in the same human-readable format as the eMeasure human-readable HTML file.

o   An XML file: An XML document (.xml) based on the HQMF. Its major components include a Header and a Body. The Header identifies and classifies the document and provides important metadata about the measure. The HQMF Body contains eMeasure sections, e.g., data criteria, population criteria, and supplemental data elements.

o  A SimpleXML file: The SimpleXML extension allows easier manipulation and use oftheXML data

o  The “Human Readable” Rendition: A HyperText Markup Language (HTML) file (.html) that displays the eCQM content in a human‐readable format directly in a web browser. This file does not include the underlying HQMF syntax.

o  An Excel spreadsheet listing all value sets for the measure

·        A “Read Me” file with additional information about the value sets


Questions and comments regarding the specifications may be submitted through until October 30, 2013.


Please use the following link to access the public comment system where you may access the documents described above and find additional instructions on comment submission:


Please contact Sara Galantowicz ( or 617-520-2510)should you have any questions.


Thank you for your support and participation,

Sara Galantowicz


Sara Galantowicz, MPH

Project Director

Abt Associates

55 Wheeler Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

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