From: Mr. Philip George
Subject: Dear Friend,
Date: Mon Sep 23 14:01:48 MDT 2013
Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for helping me out in that last transaction which went successful, However, I am now in Australia where I am now investing my own share of the fund, Please I am giving this token as I promised to compensate you after everything, please accept this One Million Eight hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($1.8M) as a token from my heart. Prior to this, I have told my personal secretary to transfer the US$1.8M to you through Western Union Money transfer as soon you contact her with your information to avoid wrong transfer, meanwhile the below is the first US$5000.00 payment information available for pick up .

Here is the western union information to pick up the US$5000.00;

Sender name= Anthony Okafor

Track it now on I told her to keep sending you $5000.00 daily until the payment of $1,800.000.00 is completed. Do not forget to furnish her with the below data;

1. Names...............
2. Current cell phone No...........
3. Home Address..........
4. Your: Country:.... ....................
5. Your Current Age and Occupation:. ........

Please,contact Mrs Vivian William if there is any problem with the MTCN and below email address ( or reach Her on phone call.+229 68045565. Please contact her now, so that she will send you another one today if You have a problem with the MTCN or the sender Name try to reach her on call or email her so that she will correct it for you.

Thank you very much,

MR.Philip George
National Assemnly,
Benin, Republic.h