From: Mrs Warifa Ambani
Date: Thu Jul 11 21:41:33 MDT 2013
Good day to you, Please, I'm not internet savvy and I don't know if it is quite safe to share this information with you on this portal without anyone else knowing about it. For this reason, I'll not disclose all for now. I was a house wife and now I am sick and in the Hospital. The doctors said I have a few months to live. My late husband did will Sixty Five Million Dollars of American money to me in a bank in Europe. I would love for this money to be transferred to you by my attorney so you can use it for charity. If you are interested and need further clarifications, kindly reply me with your name, address and telephone number and I shall send you my attorney details to assist you in getting the funds. It is unfortunate that women do not have rights in this part of the world (Arab World). please reply me to my private Best regards. Mrs Warifa Al Ambani