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File: June 19, 2010: Assorted shotguns are displayed on a table at a gun and knife show in White Plains, N.Y.,APA top White House official acknowledged Sunday that President Obama knew some of his gun-control initiatives would likely be rejected but defended his efforts and called on Congress to do the right thing.The president pushed very hard, White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer said on Fox News Sunday. We knew all of the (proposals) would not pass right away.With a proposed ban on semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity gun magazines off the table for now, Obama appears to be focusing his efforts, including the garnering of public support, on getting Congress to agree to universal background checks for gun buyers.Pfeiffer said the president has marshaled people to his side and polls show a large majority of the public supports background checks.You cannot get 90 percent of the people to agree on the weather, Pfeiffer told Fox. The question is whether Congress is going to do the right thing.A final Senate bill was expected to be released this week, when Congress returns from Spring Break. But the voting could be delayed as senators wrangle over the background check issue. The legislation would come about four months after a mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school in which 20 first-graders and six adults were killed.Pfeiffer said the president agrees with the efforts so far of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other sena FILE: March 27, 2013: Teachers union are power in Chicago. A recent strike led to a better contract. Here they protest in front of city hall a plan to close schools 54 public schools.REUTERSMaryland lawmakers agreed this week to require public school teachers to pay union fees a move that bolsters the states connection to organized labor as others move toward a right-to-work status.The bill passed Thursday in the General Assembly and is headed to the desk of Democratic Gov. Martin OMalley for signing after Monday, the final day of Marylands 2013 legislative session.The bill is also part of a larger progressive agenda put forth this year by leaders of the Democrat-controlled Assembly that includes the approval of tax increases and one of the toughest gun-control proposals in the country.State Sen. David Brinkley calls the fees a forced tax and disagrees with union claims that representation will benefit every teacher.If the representation is so exceptional, then everybody would join, he said. I just dont buy it. Its a political payback that has nothing substantial to do with the merits of education.The bill will require tens of thousands of public school teachers to pay close to 1 percent of their paychecks in so-called fair share fees to cover the cost of contract negotiations and grievance representation.Union leaders say the legislation attempts to create uniformity across Maryland and that non-union workers should share the cost.We