From: Pamela Johnson
To: Pamela Johnson,
Date: Tue Oct 21 20:01:37 MDT 2014
JESUS CHRIST/YAHWEH IS HERE ON EARTH! ******Term "Megiddo", look up Valley of Meggido on internet and you Tube. Understand that many dumps, landfills, also former sites are being used for evil, nefarious purposes, and an area where Demons/Demonic spirits gather also. There is a site called the Megiddo (which is a sacrificial burial ground in the State of Israel, located next to the temple mount).****** SPREAD THE TRUTH, DISCREETLY! "HEALING IN THE WINGS", FOR THOSE WHO TRULY REPENT! Also of concern are the number of individuals who have been wrongfully infected by the negative energy from Demons through the act of sodomization of both males/females, and rape. The effect of this can cause a bi-polar effect on the brain, and also cause individuals to behave differently including having altered sexual orientation i.e. bi-sexuality and homosexuality. Also knowing that we are reincarnated, living past lives of both male/female, this can lead to gender confusion. Christian therapy and counseling is an important tool, to get people to realize that a Demon/negative energy is impacting their behavior. Also according to Yahweh, that Demons can infect/influence a baby, child or adult from past lives, current life contacts/relatives who have negative energy/Demons effecting them. That negative energy of the Demons can then infect or influence individuals in that regard. Yahweh/Jesus Christ is here on Earth, in Australia; his name in this reincarnation is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. His books are @ His original birthdate in the "Christ timeline" was 6/17/02 B.C., his birthdate in this timeline is 1/11/1944. In the "Christ timeline" he was crucified on 4/3/33 A.D., thus releasing his Holy Ghost to the world, he resurrected 3 days later. Jesus Christ/Yahweh chose the hour of his death, taking an opiate, in conjunction with the position of the stars and the moon. The Shroud of Turin is Jesus Christ's/Yahweh's burial shroud. He was married to Mary Magdalene, who was barren, so 3 years later he married her sister Martha Magdalene. The 2 Magdalenes were the daughters of King Zedechiah. Jesus Christ had twin boys with Martha Magdlane, named James and Joshua. Martha Magdalene was 87 days pregnant at the time of Jesus' crucifiction. Martha Magdalene died in childbirth, but the twins survived, who were then raised by Mother Mary and the Holy family, in Cornwall, England. They were Essenes. Jesus Christ had 6 siblings they were half-sisters/half-brothers, the children of Jospeh and Mary. Jesus Christ who is Yahweh conceived himself with the power of the Holy Spirit-Ghost, in the womb of Mother Mary. Mother Mary was a chaste, Holy woman.Thus the conception was immaculate.There have been various sites on the internet, some of which have been taken down by the dark side. Jesus Christ/Yahweh, who is Brian Leonard Golighlty Marshall, sent out his official "Claim to the Throne of England and the United Kingdom" occial documents were sent out on 6/14/2010, also a "Notice to Cease and Desist" composed by Pamela Esther Golightly Marshall (Queen of America/General Tribe of Judah-House of David), along with an announcement/truthing card with pertinent information on it. 3/12/2013 "Apostolic Letter entitled Christus Credent" composed and signed by Pope Benedict, who is the reincarnation of Simon Peter (see the Scribd icon, for the actual documents/correspondence @ Yahweh's YT channel entitled "SwordofTruth3168". Reincarnation is real. According to the Book of Revelations, God comes back with a name that only he knows, and reveals, which is Brian (Key of David) Leonard (Lion) Golightly (Tribe of Judah)) Marshall (House of David). The 144,000 are the Saints who wake up, then wake up others, there are Saints who know they are Saints , but have chosen to be more discreet, and not let the dark side know who they are, there are also Heavenly Angels incarnated, along with the Heavenly Angels and Archangels in the Heavenly realm. Planet Nibiru is in alignment, guided by Yahweh along with the Heavenly Archangels, with 7 orbiting smaller planets, which comes through every 3,600 years tocleanse the earth of all the evil, wicked, non-repentant, namely the Satantists/illuminatis. We have had a few minor delays, due to complications, we are in a battle between Good and Evil, make sure you repent, turn away from sinand sin no more. Join Yahweh's Heavenly Angel/Saint team today. Yahweh's email: (phone number available upon request) My email: YT channels: SwordofTruth3168; GolightlyMarshall; TheGolightlyMarshallHour; SwordofTruth888;TheMostRoyalManAlive; NibiruClose; ChristisBack; BrianisYahweh1 (through 3 separate channel); TheChristisBack; YahwehortheHighway; AndrewHitchcock23;Peacenowwhitedove; PamelaGolightlyMarshall; NibiruClose; Chooka; ChookaMarshall; MsSherrieLea; UltimateProphecy; Fijitime; Asherah Bat Asherah; and more Saints channels. We are also on Myspace, Facebook, Google, LinkedIN, Tumbler, and Twitter. Google channels:SwordOfTruth3168; PamelaGolightlyMarshall; AnnaBatAsherah and more Saints sites. Spread the Truth and the Truth will set you free! Jesus Christ/Yahweh is here on earth, teacher of the "WAY”. If you have seen me, you have seen the Father" (meaning that Jesus Christ was God incarnate). "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life". (meaning that those truebelievers ,followers of the "WAY", truly repentant make it to eternal life in the new heaven, when Heaven merges with earth). There are Heavenly Angels/Saints incarnate, along with humanity at large who are obtunded, dumbed down to the reality of what is going on. The Essenes were the followers/teachers of the "WAY". The Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls, were the writings of the Essenes. The original Bible was called the "Book of Yahweh". There is more to say, and I will send more detailed information. DON'T TAKE VACCINATIONS, STOP USING FLUORIDATED DRINKING WATER OR PRODUCTS LIKE TOOTHPASTE with FLOURIDE (the fluoride is a uranium waste by-product, a carcinogen and also calcifies the Pineal gland which is the 3rd eye,. The fluoride also effects the brain, leads to a dumbing down of people. Fluoride used to be disposed of in toxic waste sites),GMO foods, wake up you are a participant in the battle between good and evil. We are fighting the fallen angels, their spirits can influence or possess people, like a parasite. After Noah's flood the giants were killed off, but there were still remnants of good and evil people who survived, including some genetic seeds of Cain, with partial DNA strands of the seeds of Cain/the fallen angels. Stand up for your rights under the constitution/declaration of independence/freedom documents. The seeds of Cain have been trying marry into the tribe of Judah/House of David, to try to take over the royal bloodline. The members of the secret societies are called the illuminatis, who have been inbreeding for a number of years, leading to mental illness behaving like psychopaths/sociopaths. Plus the exposore to the negative energy, worhsiping demons. Demonic spirits of the fallen angels can make people subject to some mental illness, including bi-polar disorder. The contaminated vaccines can also be behind mental and physical illnesses plus acquired diseases ie.: schizophrenia, bi-polar, Lou Gehrigs disease(ALS),MS, Autism, AIDS, Cancer, influenza, bubonic plague, all acquired diseases (refer to, and physician sources on program such as Dr. Russell Blaylock, and other MDs regarding vaccines being contaminated). Also Google 4647773, how the AIDS virus was made. **************OTHER SITES OF INTEREST, ON THE INTERNET AND YOUTUBE****************** Internet: (information and radio site by RJHenders, who is Isaiah reincarnated); (some valid information, but there is a blend of information some of which is not total truthful/valid);; (an MD who explains the dangers of vaccines);; infowars online radio listening line for your cellphone ph: 1-605-475-5800, to call in to radio show see internet site for phone number);;; (a new constitutional government, ready to stand when the opportunity occurs); www.radiolibertycom; (radio show and site managed for RJHenders, who is Isaiah reincarnated). You Tube channels: DahBoo77; Conspiracy Theory by Jesse Ventura (series of videos from Tru TV on various important topics);TheJonathanKleckChannel: Weather War 101; Suspicious Observers; Storm CloudsGathering; Global Healing Center (Dr. Grube); Akashic Records (various videos explaining the reality of reincarnation); Dr. Brian Weiss (a Psychiatrist who lectures, publishes about the reality of reincarnation, books and videos on subject, uses retrograde hypnosis with patients). Also there are professional people, and Saints who can read past lives of individuals, also auras); Thecountdownbackup-HenningKemner; AbelDanger; WeareOneBigFamily2 also (channel1); Professor Walter J Veith videos on organized religion ie.: “Islam and the Catholic Church” and more videos; TheProphecyChannel; NWO Truth Channel; and follow channels on Planet Nibiru, and also the Neumeyer Observatory footage of Planet Nibiru. Additional You Tube channels: (Sheriff Apaio, Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff, with the proof that Obama's credentials are falsified); Georgia Guidestones; Republic for the united States (various videos on the new constitutional government); *********************************OF SPECIAL NOTE WORTHINESS************************************ There is the Program 23, developed by the COVERT CIA/Satanists, also mafia involved, to try to change innocent people into demons/fallen angels, by infecting innocent people. Also some of the victims are being murdered with theses same methods, dying from the fumes in their homes, some other types of healthcare facilities, public/private buildings. They are using a serpentine vapor, which they have been spreading through some motor vehicles; with add on features, computerization, plus HVAC systems/smart meters, with the led display on residential/commercial/industrial. Also infections can occur through the electrical systems. There is an unusual floral or smokey type odor that permeates the buildings or vehicles that the serpentine vapors are being sent through. That is why peoples skin colors, eye colors are changing from their normal baseline. Treatments open your windows, to air homes, run box fans or window air conditioning units instead of central air. Also use alternative sources of free energy concepts, including wood stoves, solar energy, zero point magnetic motors/reverse magnetic motors, all in an effort to avoid contamination. In the winter time use portable units. Also these same serpentine frequencies from program 23 can infect cellphones,ipods, music/videos and the like, also can infect the radios/airwaves, motor sounds in vehicles. Also if you haven't noticed already, there are motor vehicles which have ember colored headlights/tail lights, and even some of the emergency police/fire department have the infection in their electronics on their vehicles. The most important issue is that law enforcement needs to start investigating, and indicting the utility companies/fuel companies who are complicit with the criminal acts of trying to contaminate the divine creation, get these criminals to stop their CRIMINAL ACTS. Also whenever someone dies, no matter what the cause, they claim their strawman account, based upon their birth certificate, they net millions to multimillions, upon the death of an individual. The strawman account is exchanged on the Forex exchange, and various investment venues involving multiple parties, who are making outrageous amounts of money. Yahweh wants people to have the right of claim to their own straw man accounts, for them to use for their own benefit, while alive, not having to die to claim their account also linked to the federal reserve, and the social security cards. **********************************PERSONAL TREATMENT********************************************** Adults: Take 1-2 tbsp. baking soda in 4 oz. spring or artesian water, stir well, take twice a day times 7 days, drink quickly. Follow with drinking more spring or artesian water. May repeat after another week has gone by. This treatment is only as needed, NOT TO BE TAKEN ROUTINELY. This baking soda and water treatment will cause you to have about 3-4 loose BMs, so you need to take this treatment 2 hours before going anywhere. This GI tract cleansing will get the negative energy contamination of the Demons, out of your system. Also using triple antibiotic ointment in your nostrils, to shield you from contamination, in environments where you notice the unusual fragrances/odors. Teenagers: Depending on size, take 2tsp to 1tbsp.baking soda in 4 oz. spring or artesian water, stir well twice a day, times 7 days, may repeat after a week of rest, drink quickly. Follow with drinking more spring or artesian water. Younger children consult Yahweh. Seek advisement by a reliable Osteopathic/Naturopathic MD or RN, or a person certified regarding these matters. Also research the value of taking colloidal silver,MMS1 or MMS2,and other naturopathic cures for acquired diseases.***Also consider official exorcisms, by qualified/certified providers.***Diet be sure to eat healthy foods, fish, and chicken preferably over beef, and pork, and incorporate a more vegetarian type diet with legumes and the like. Drink fluids that are good for you, ones that do not have ingredients like artificial sweeteners, fructose, or corn syrup, plus there are more food additives that are concerning, but do the research, for there have been reports of some people having allergic reactions to certain food additives or other types of food which are not good to eat, such as Soy. Also listen to music that is the 528 Love frequency, to recharge your Christ armor/Yahweh Holy Ghost listen to "U2" song entitled "Yahweh". Also you can chant the words "Yahweh" repeatedly. You should start to feel tingling sensation on your body, your protection is then recharging. Also use triple antibiotic ointment in your nostrils if you are going to enter a room, building, or vehicle which has the unusual floral or smokey odors. This will shield you from contamination. Also some perfumes, and colognes help rid you from having the unusual odor, something with a nice fragrance. Don't use any air wick or similar oil based air fresheners plug in room deodorizers, or some of the Honeywell/Holmes fans/heaters with built in fragrances. You will notice there is a fragrance that comes from this type of equipment. Utilize homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, see advice from MDs and others who specialize in the healing arts, that does include chiropractors, who often have healing hands, but there are others who are gifted, and have healing hands. Recommendations for naturopathic medicines, check with you health food stores: powdered Vitamin C taken in juice, which boosts your immunity, to be taken daily; colloidal silver liquid taken at least for a week for a month as a maintenance, but taken in higher doses when acutely ill, see directions on bottle. Colloidal silver is a naturopathic/homeopathic medicine that cures viruses, fungi, bacteria, and cancer, although, in some instances ozonized water, special electrodes and magnetic paddles are to be used as an adjunct in the treatment of various conditions in the treatment of cancer and AIDS and Hepatitis. Yahweh has specific information on the healing methods, and there are also other naturopathic/homeopathic remedy resource people. Also taking Omega 3 fish oil capsules are beneficial. Also MMS-1 and MMS-2 which is beneficial in curing cancer, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Remember that the eugenicists made all the acquired diseases in labs, they were guided by the fallen angels, their intention to kill off the innocent people of the Divine Creation. Also consider the United Nations Agenda 21 with their efforts at assisting genocide throughout the world. Donate to the Saints: P.O. Box 124 Kimberly, Wisconsin 54136 My phone number: 1-920-747-0702 CST Saint, Pamela