From: Julie Sheen
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: Make funding SB 117 a priority
Date: Mon Apr 06 21:22:49 MDT 2015

Dear State Representative Sanpei,

Education is a key driver of Utah’s economic opportunity and future prosperity. One of the key principles within Prosperity through Education, a 5-year plan to place Utah in the top 10 among states in education is helping children read confidently by 3rd grade. I urge you to prioritize funding SB 117 Interventions for Reading Difficulties Pilot Program this session to ensure positive educational outcomes for young children. Reading is fundamental to a child’s academic success. SB 117 provides teachers with the training to be able to recognize and help children with reading difficulties (like dyslexia).

I have a daughter who suffers from dyslexia. She struggled immensely in school until her disability was identified. It was not until the 3rd grade that her teacher identified her struggles and spoke with us about it. However, even after her disability was diagnosed there was no assistance in the public schools. Her teachers, including the special education teacher, had no training. It was very frustrating for her and us.

After struggling through that year and I asked everyone I knew, including her pediatrician, I was able to locate a language specialist who worked specifically with dyslexia. After 2 years of private tutoring at our expense, and a lot of hard work from her, my daughter is now on level. She also learned coping skills in her school and in life.

Please support this bill.

The economic benefits of early childhood education outweigh the costs of providing these educational opportunities indicating a wise financial investment. Evidence has shown us college and career readiness begins with the ability to read fluently. I ask that you please help ensure reading success in the early years by supporting the funding of SB 117.

Sincerely, Julie Sheen 2664 West Falcon Ridge Way Lehi, UT 84043